Music Marketing

The Traex Services offer music marketing for the electro and techno music genre. The music marketing services are offered for DJs and musicians, labels and music companies.

The Music Marketing Services include a simple music PR service as well as advanced marketing and PR services. The simple music PR service publishes articles about releases, events and the like in its own network of pages, social media presences and possibly within the podcast. The extended PR services can include any PR work, from the creation of texts or video to a complete communication concept. For more information on Music PR Services, please visit the Music Promotion page.

This service will be enhanced constantly. To stay informed about new features, you can subscribe to the Music Marketing Feed.

Competencies and references: Traex is a podcasting project that has been in existence since 2006 and is continuously being expanded. The project is operated by Frank Brauer, freelance management consultant specializing in online marketing and media.

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