Terms of Use: Basic Music PR Service

General information about the service

The Traex PR service focuses on the electro genre. A prerequisite for the publication of content is its relevance for the electro music scene. Traex further reserves the right to check the quality of content and, if necessary, to refuse the publication of submitted content.

The process of publishing a PR release

  1. The customer sends the content to the email address specified on the PR service website (service@traex.de) with the note „Traex PR Service Inquiry“ in the subject line. Large files can be sent in with a reference to a file sharing service.
  2. The content is checked for quality and relevance.
  3. After checking the content and confirming acceptance for publication, the customer will receive a payment address at PayPal and a copy of these terms of use by email. In case of rejection, the process is finished.
  4. The customer makes the payment. When payment is made, the terms of use sent by email are deemed accepted. By receiving the payment the service is obliged to publish the submitted content.
  5. The publication can be made at the customer’s request on an agreed date and otherwise takes place no later than the working day after next or within 48 hours on working days.
  6. After publication, the customer receives a list with links to the presences in which the PR release was published.

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